Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Thank you Millie

That fabulous modern Millie said we had to answer some questions - we like games! Especially Mouse Olympics. If you are all good we will tell you how to play.

Time of Day - Morning. Once mum is up she has to show me where my biscuits are every morning in case they have moved. Then she showers and comes back to bed for a wee read while her hair drys. This is the best time to snuggle and cuddle Mum prefers the evening time as that is her time to relax.

Day of the Week - Any day mum doesn't have to work as we can snuggle longer.

Season of the Year - Summer yeah!!! (of course I haven't actually met winter or spring yet!!)

Holiday - Gotta love me that christmas tree with all the dangly cat toys on it.

Beaches - NZ (new zealand) beaches are all pretty good. Mum says she goes for walks a couple of days a week beside the beach. She loves them!

Song - You're All I have - snow patrol, Gravity - John Mayer, Deceiphering me - Brooke Fraser. Brooke is a local kiwi chick and she is awesome!! If you want a funky girl singer to listen to who can hold a tune live check her out on itunes. Look out for her song Arithmetic - its beautiful!!

Flower - Gerbras bring summer inside.

Talkshow - Oh we a bit tired of all the talking and the b-grade celebs.

Movie - Before Sunset

Soaps - Vanilla (we don't watch any soaps unless you count Greys anatomy).

Beverage - Water - better watch where you put your glass or Poppy Q will have her face in it!

Fruit - Mum likes strawberries, pineapples and gold kiwifruit.

Snack - Friskies

Food - We are both not too fussy!

Restaurant - Poppy Qs summer dining in the backyard - can't beat it.

We are not sure how to tag anyone yet but we hope you enjoy the answers.

Grrr blogger we can't add photos again!!! We will try to log out and send you all a picture!!

See ya!

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