Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Teddy Bear Love

This is me in some photos taken today. You can see how big I have grown compared to some of the other pictures mum has taken. This is my teddy bear - it is mine, No-one elses!!! I like to chase it under mums bed and make it live under there. Mum found it last night again for me. So I chased it and chewed it, and then I ended up falling asleep on top of it.

Some of you flash cats may have toy bananas, but I love my teddy bear!!
Poppy Q
NB - mum says it is very unusual to see Poppy being nice to the bear. Normally she is chewing it and giving it a tummy punch with her sharp claws. However she is a good kitten and doesn't use her claws or her teeth on me.


  1. Hey, you haf to show the bear who the boss is; I beat up KidBean's sock monkey every once in a while.

  2. Poppy, you have the softest and plushest looking fur! I think your teddy bear looks like a very fun and nice toy.

  3. Mommy: Awww, Poppy Q you are so cute!

    Zoey: Give the bear the bitey!

  4. Hello, Poppy Q. It is nice to meet you. Your teddy bear looks like a fun toy.

  5. Hi Poppy. It looks like you like the teddy bear we brought you. You are growing up so fast