Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Running around

Hi everyone, this is me in full action 'running' mode. Now I am a bit bigger I don't usually run so fast. However on the day the photo was taken I had to run fast - somewhere.
We felt a bit sad last night writing about Puss. Mum misses her lots and tells me to be a good girl like her. She had a wee cry thinking about Puss and what a tough time it was this time last year. But like with any death of family or friends mum tries to not focus on the last few days. She remembers all of the good times that they had together.
One of the other things Puss liked to do was to sit on the front porch of the house and wait for mum to come home. It is up high and she could see right to the corner of the street. As soon as mum came round the corner Puss would call out to her and race down the steps and under the gate. Then mum would have to stop and pat her. And stop on step number one, step number three and step number five for a pat and a talk. After that keys in the door, race into the house and then ignore mum all evening.
I have been out on the step waiting a couple of days in the past fortnight. Mum likes to see a little face waiting for her - but it is getting cold now and I don't know if I could stay out there for long. So often I listen real good and when I hear mums front gate make noises I know she is home. I jump of her bed and run into the hallway and call and call her until she comes in.
Usually then I cry and cry until mum checks my bowl for me. Biscuits first then cold clean water please. Once done I escape through the cat door and begin patrols.
Poppy Q


  1. It sounds like you're getting your MomBean on a good schedule, always good. Beans can wander about unless you keep them on a timeline. :)

  2. Poppy, you sure are a busy girl. I think running around is fun.

    I'll bet your Mum loves seeing you waiting for her, too.

  3. Poppy Q - Give your Mombean a purr from us. Our Mommy still gets sad over losing my brother McKenzie. She cries at pictures of him (which are all over the house and on her screensaver) and the other day I caught her crying while watching Smoke and she said it was because he did something that reminded her of McKenzie. She says that she'll always love him and miss him, and that's okay.

  4. Poppy Q you really know how to get around.