Thursday, May 24, 2007

What a day!!

What a day - for mum anyway!!

You know the day starts bad when you sleep in!! Not so good to wake up at 9am when you were due to start at 8.30am!! Ohhh ohhh! Mum remembers setting the alarm so she reckons I must of turned it off so she would stay and cuddle. Not time for cuddles when running late.

Then when she got home she cooked a yummy tea. No horrible burnt potato smells tonight. Howver when placing the leftovers in the fridge the fridge made them fall out and tip on the floor - oh no. Then there have been 7 hours of the computer not woking properly and letting us get into blogger!! I think I heard mum swear a bit. Best to lie down on my chair in the lounge - I can watch her through the doorway and hear her curse like a sailor ( she doesn't swear often!!).

Now she can't get a picture up yet again!! Is she the only one having this problem?

Please let things be better tomorrow. Wish us luck for a better day.

You all have a lovely day and we hope you are getting the good luck that has passed us by!

Poppy Q


  1. Blogger, you are BAD! I hope your day gets better.

  2. We're very sorry you had such a rough day. We'll send good prayers and purrs your way for a better one tomorrow.