Friday, May 25, 2007

ohhhhhhhhhh mum is stressed - still no pictures!!!

Howdy cats and mums and dads,
Well the working week is ending here in NZ. Mum is on-call again but hoping that everyone behaves tonight cause she is tired.

We still can't get any pictures up. We have signed up to Picasa as lots of sites said you should try pictures using that. But mums broadband is too slow to upload to a web album. We now have tried to upgrade our broadband package but that will take a couple of days. Mum has grown lots and lots and lots of grey hairs doing this. So sorry no super cute pictures of me.

I had some pictures ready of me doing stuff - like smelling the flowers, running, guarding the garden that you might like to see. But you will have to come back later and we will try again.

So to entertain you we will tell you of our favourite game: MOUSE OLYMPICS

What you need to play : One mouse - toy mouse (preferably with catnip) or one that mum has trapped in a mouse trap, and is already dead. Please note we do not approve of this game with any live mouses. This is only for toys or deaded ones!!

How to play: Get your toy mouse and chase,chase and chase it. Then carry it into the house. Swat it with your paws and make it double or triple flip.

How to score points: Most points for a triple flip in the air.

How to lose points: Bring the deaded mouse onto mums bed - the one she through outside two weeks ago!!! Or leave same mouse ( with maggot pals attatched) on the couch, bath mat or rug.

We apologize to any mums and dads that have mouses for pets. We had mice for pets once and they were loving and sweet pets with cool little personalities. Mum only approves of me playing this with my felt toy mouse but I try and sneak the dead ones in!!!

What games do you guys play?

Pops and mum.


  1. My favfurite game is 'Stuff da birdies' - dat where I see how many live birdies I can stuff into my mouf at once. Problem is dat first I haf to catch da birdies . . and den dey is offen too big to get many in . . but I got two waxeyes in once! Meowmie tole me I shouldn' catch waxeyes cos they is special natife birdies . . . . but later on I overheard her telling peoples dat I was a 'masheen' - I don' know wat she meant, but I think she was secretly pleased dat I is a mitey huntress!

    Headbutts and purrs,


  2. I like to play 'I Have the Dumb', I run past MomBean while she's carrying something heavy and then sharpen my claws on the couch. I learn lots of new words that way!

  3. The Mouse Olympic game sounds very very fun! Thanks for teaching the game to us. I am going to try it tonight.

    One of my favorite games is "Cry to Get High." I just look up at the space above the cabinets. Then I cry and cry and cry and cry and cry and cry and cry until my Mommie gets fed up and puts me up there. Then I prance around and have fun being way up high.

    Then I cry to get down.

  4. Daisy - fantastic game!!! The old do what I want game. I do not like heights and do not climb so mum is safe.

    Monty Q - so your mum is a sailor too!! Or at least swears like one.

    Mnx, muffin and ebbie - I attempt this game but have only found one dead bird so far. Them waxeyes look pretty tasty though!!

    Poppy Q