Saturday, May 26, 2007

Yahhh a picture at last!!

Well mum has finally got a picture of me up on a post. The annoying thing is she has done it at work as the home computer is still not working!!!! We don't know what we did to stop it working.

I was a good girl and came and had an arm cuddle this morning. I was very gently and tried not to wake mum up. An arm cuddle is when I come and sit right on your arm above your elbow. Mum doesn't know why I do this but I have done it since I was a kitten.

Now the weather is colder I sometimes sleep between mums knees. She is a bit wriggly though so I often have to move and sleep in my number one place. Number one place is on a pillow with a polar fleece blanket beside mums pillow.

Number two sleeping choice is once mum leaves the bed I want to sleep where she was!! At night she sits on the end of the bed and checks the computer so I climb in to number two spot and warm it up. If it is cold she sticks the electric blanket on early for me. For your information the two pictures on this post show me in the number two spot. It also shows me as a brown pussy cat - I not brown I am grey (like the colour mums hair has turned due to blogger/computer issues).

Ahhhhhhhhhhh mum wishes she could sleep all day like a wee cat.

No mum you have to go out to pay for cat biscuits and catnip mice.

poppy q

Ahhhhhhhhhh tricky. Mum can post pictures at work and write the post but not publish it. So now it gets complicated. It seems we have to email pictures to work. Go to work, write post and add pictures then save the draft. Then go home to publish it!!! The things we do for fame!!

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  1. Hi poppy q sounds like your mum is quite a busy person. those places where you sleep sound nice and warm