Monday, May 21, 2007

Late Night

It is a late night in the poppy house. Mum finished work way after dinner time. Now she is watching sex and the city - good tv to end the evening to. Then she will have to do the dishes before coming in to warm the bed up.

So I have been on late night patrol. That means doing a circuit of the house and making sure naughty cat isn't around. I check and make sure that there aren't any mice running around and I will see if I can surprise some birds. Mum tells me the birds should be asleep now but how come I found one at 3am?

Nite nite everyone.

"Sorry we couldn't get any pictues to load tonight - the done button wouldn't come up".


  1. Patrolling the house at night is a very important job!

  2. It's very good of you to take such good care of your mommy with your patrols. Good luck with the birdies and mousies.

  3. After patrolling, I love to pounce on DKM with my cold paws...