Sunday, May 20, 2007

Where we live

Well today is a bit of a slow day. Mum had to go to the hospital again last night so we both had to have a sleep in til 10:30. I was good and didn't wake up til mum opened her eyes. Of course I was lying on my pillow looking at her and wishing she would wake up and feed me!!!

Today has been a bit cloudy but warm enough for us to not need the heater on. Mum has annoyed me with spending all day ironing and sewing. She says she has lots of t-shirts to get made for all the nice people who have placed orders this week. She will show you some one day soon.

So I though while she was busy I would show you where we live. We live in Wellington which is New Zealands capital city. It is also where the famous five live!! I am not sue how to link to them but they are already famous blog kitties and they live not too far from us!

Now these streets are the posh end of town and although mums house is old, it is not sitting high on the hill overlooking the water. Those houses are for rich people and their cats!!!

We live in a quiet street but it has lots of gardens for me to climb around in and not too many cars rushing by!

This is a pictue of the houses round where we live!!
We hope you have all had a lovely weekend (Sunday evening here) and I need to go to help mum with all of her ribbons and threads. It is my job to chase them around the floor and show here where they went to. We hope you have enjoyed your wee tour!
Poppy Q xx


  1. Hi Poppy Q, thanks for the tour.

  2. It looks very pretty where you live!

  3. Hi Millie and Daisy,
    We wish we could really show you around but mum won't let me buy plane tickets!!
    Thanks for dropping by.

    Poppy Q

  4. Hi Poppy,
    Welcome to the world of cat blogging. My mother and i have been at it since October. We've met a lot of great people and cats.We live in florida but I'm originally from Connecticut. Up there I hunted mice; now I hunt these cute little lizards.
    Wellington looks like a very pretty place4 We like learning about different
    Hope you visit my blog,too. Muffin