Saturday, May 26, 2007

Why would I want to read a book?

Oh that mum. She thinks she would like to write about books. What use do pussy cats have for books.

One of this years discoveries was The Brief History of the Dead by Kevin Brockmeier. Now mum says don't be put off by the title, she enjoyed it so much that five months later she still thinks about it and will have to reread it sometime (which she normally never does). It tells two stories at once. Laura who is doing research in the Antartictica - while the world surcomes to the latest epidemic. She struggles after being abandoned and has to go to see if there is any help. The other story is about a city where people go to after they die. It is not heaven or hell - but has buildings, coffee shops, work and parks. They all stay there until they are joined by everyone they know.

Mum loved this book. Not many books lately have left such an impression on her. She recommends picking it up from the library if you want a good read and she hopes you enjoy it. Mum has to study later in the year so she is trying to get lots of reading out of the way. As soon as the semester starts she will have to take all the library books back. No dvds either until summer holidays and she will also have to just say "No" to some tv. Why do the good series start at the same time as study?

If only I could convince mum to get some books on how to catch your cat more mice and birds!!

Poppy Q


  1. We're so happy to see a new picture of you. We're very sorry about the hassle that your mommy has to go through to do it though. Our mommy says to thank your mommy for the book recommendation. She likes to read and we like to chew the pages.

  2. Oh! Oh! What a cute picture!

    I like helping MomBean read too, I sit on the pages to keep them warm.

  3. Our Mommy read that book too and said it was very good. We like to rub our faces on the corners of books, but we don't read them. We are very glad to meet you. We like your cute round face.