Thursday, March 19, 2015


Last night we got a taste of the autumn season, as temperatures dropped.  Our heater had to be on in the evening, and I even creeped into mums room for a snuggle between the quilts for about two hours.  Mum quite likes the cooler evenings at sleep time, but she struggles with being cold when heading for the shower in the morning.

Tonight was a quiet one, mum was glad to have been able to buy some yummy foods as the cupboards were almost bare.  Tonight she made herself a small steak with a spinach/orange/cucumber salad and made me a fancy feast.  Tasty!!!

Now we are watching a couple of shows and mum is waiting to see if I want a snuggle again tonight.


  1. My human is the same way with morning showers in the cooler months.

  2. At least your enjoying the lovely sunshine Poppy!x
    We've having a few days of sunny sun...Though it's
    still chilly.
    Last night l enjoyed a nice hot..(Madras)..curry, home
    made of course...Usually have a curry two, three times
    a week...mmmmM! Love curry! :).

  3. Poppy, dear, your mum and I agree: heaters are good, sunbeams are better, kitty under the quilt is best of all for warming the bones!

  4. The seasons come and go so quickly, don't they? We're glad you have a heater on the cool nights! We're having bitterly cold temps right now (back to winter), but eventually we'll be able to turn the furnace off for the summer. :-)

  5. We love it when signs of fall arrives as the hot summer ends. It was nice of you to pop between the quilts for a little bedtime cuddle with mom. After our mom decided it was time to put the lighter springtime bedding on her bed, the weather decided to turn cold again. As usual she was fooled into thinking warmer weather was here to stay after our 1st few warmer nights. So last night when it got quite cold again, mom was shivery & pulling her thin spring blanket up over her head trying to warm up. Of course, she was too lazy to get her middle aged lady buns out of bed to grab an extra blanket & us cats have been sleeping in the living room, so she didn't have us to warm her up either. Poor freezing mom. She somehow thinks that if she puts her winter bedding away the weather gods will see she has put all things winter away & send only springlike temps.. If she had a fur coat like us cats, she would always be at a comfy temp. when snoozing. Your mom's dinner sounds delicious, as does your Feast. We like to dine on a different flavor of Feast each day, so mom has to buy lots of different kinds of Feast. Tomorrow is Friday, so we are looking forward to having our weekly tuna.ration. Fish is our favorite. Our mom says she can empathize with your mom struggling to the shower on cold mornings. Our mom feels the same way. During the cold months, our mom often wishes she owned one of thoseheated towel bars s that when she steps out all cold & drippy she would have a toasty warm towel waiting for her to wrap up in. If mom forgets to shut the shower door us kitties sometimes go in for a nice drink of shower puddles. Nothing like a warm drink on a chilly day we say. Enjoy your lovely fallish weather Poppy.

  6. poppy q....we R lookin at spring while ewe iz lookin at fall...tho round heer itz still like winter...glad ewe N mum got in sum chillaxin time N hope de week end brings de same...enjoy yur feast & mum her steaks ♥♥♥

  7. My mum has to struggle to get in the shower on cold mornings too. It was frosty this morning, but the sun came out and it has been a lovely warm Spring day.

  8. Hopefully autumn doesn't come too soon, but we're wishing for spring to hurry up and stay. Enjoy your snuggles!

    Mom bean says the steak and salad sound like a real treat!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  9. Chilly days are starting there, just as the warm ones are beginning here...