Friday, March 27, 2015


Thank goodness it is Friday.  From a cloudy morning, it then turned sunny and mum was glad to have washing on the line.  She went to the movies to see The Theory of Everything and loved it.  She got to meet her lovely niece and drink Mexican Cola and share some tacos.  The niece got a gift of a Lindt Easter Bunny and some vitamins - essential fare for a university student.

Me I got some rest and relaxation in while mum was out and am now camped on her bed.  Sweet dreams everybuddy.


  1. The clocks go back an hour this weekend Poppy!x
    So, an extra hour in bed...Does'nt matter to me, l
    get up soon as it's light..!
    Then Easter the following weekend...Goodness!
    Busy! Busy! Though l think l can squeeze in an
    egg....or two...sometime over the weekend! :).
    HeHe! Sweet...zzzzzzzzZ!x

    1. Sorry Willie, you lose an hour. The clocks "spring forward".

  2. It sounds like you both had a great day! Have a lovely weekend, you two. :-)

  3. The Theory of Everything is one of the few movies out that my human wants to see - most of the time she watches films made before 1940.

  4. Have a great weekend Poppy and mum!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  5. sa ~wheat dreemz two ewe az well poppy Q...hope yur dreemin oh feast & biscuits....enjoy yur caturday with mum, hope her does knot hafta werk tripull OT ore sum thin sillie ~~~~

    heerz two a midshipman fish & marlin kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  6. Sounds like a good Friday, there Poppy. I hope those rowdy neighbours keep quiet. What is a Mexican coke? Meow from Jessica

  7. Hello Poppy Q .... I was talking with a friend about going to see that movie so think we will give it a viewing.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, loved the story last post about the neighbours :-) You are just beautiful & so photogenic Poppy & you lead such a stressful life with all that r & r that you do x0x0,

  8. Poppy, dear, thank you for reporting on the film and Mexican Cola. It's good to know you do pay attention to what your mum is saying, even if you have your eyes shut...