Sunday, March 29, 2015

Relaxed Sunday

This Sunday was dedicated to relaxation.  Mum made sure that there was no alarm clock to wake up to this morning, especially as her early night last night turned into a 2am go to bed.  So waking up at 9am was very nice.   A few chores were done, and even though the weather man said rain and thunder, the clouds cleared enough that washing was dried on the line outside.

Mum had a veg soup and bagel for her brunch and made a beef/rice/veg all in one dish for dinner that she said was tasty.  I begged for treats (I am on the Friskees treats at the moment), and had my fancy feast for dinner so our tummies were full.

Mum got to relax, read her book, watch a movie (Pompei - a bit silly but entertaining) and now is watching the cricket.  It is not looking great for our Kiwi team, we are getting outplayed by the Australians, Oh well - we did good to make it to the final.

Hope you are all relaxing, setting aside the chores and taking some me time for toady.


  1. Oh! Poppy!x I've had the cricket on to...not so good!
    Never mind...The size of Australia compared to New
    Zealand, is vast. Not really fair is it. But, you do have
    some great sporting teams though...Rugby!

    I'm having lunch very soon...Roast duck to~day..mmmmM!
    Love roast duck...Quack! Quack!
    Then feet up for the footy....Visitors! Yes! I think so....Kettle's
    always on and ready to whistle...!

  2. Poppy, dear, your mum is a cook like me -- chilly, rainy weather calls for a meat with rice and veg one-dish dinner! It's kind of her to top off your tummy with Friskies!

  3. Today we're driving back from a cat show in Palm Springs, a couple of hours away from where we live! So it's not exactly an easy day for us, but we sure had fun yesterday.

  4. Glad you and your mum got plenty of relaxation. It is nice to have a day doing nothing sometimes.

  5. A day of relaxation sounds like a treat itself Poppy! Though Friskees treats sound furry good to us too.

    Have a great week!