Thursday, March 5, 2015


Today was a lovely late summer/early autumn evening.  The sun was shining with a slight breeze and it was gloriously warm.  Mum finished her work at 4pm and had time to come home and scoff some steak and salad before heading down the hairdresser to get her mop chopped.  It was entertaining conversation, and mum was home at a reasonable hour to feed me my feast.

Some television programmes were watched and now to bed for her, and to the little chair in the living room for me.  The nights are not yet chilly enough for me to spend every night pinning my mum to the bed.  Those will arrive soon enough though.


  1. HeHe! When l first saw your photo Poppy!x
    I thought it was you, who had a haircut.....
    You look a bit flat on top...! Bless!x
    Haircut for me next week...Usually cut every
    6 weeks, still trying to fill a pillow! :).

  2. Poppy, dear, you do have a 'bed head' look this evening. Were you napping when your mum said it was time for your close-up?

  3. You look a bit forbidding in that photograph, Poppy. Fearing the cold nights already? You still have a few weeks until your autumn, remember.

  4. poppy Q...thanx bee ta cod it wuz mum who getted a haircuts N knot ewe...we still haz de chilleez heer at nite... N may yet for another month...tell mum ta start now...stockin up on feest... just in case; like rememburr last yeer... her went ta de store for toy let paperz.... N came home feast less ...yea.....


  5. Sounds like a nice day Poppy! We gots warm(er) weather here, mom bean even let us out in the sunny room for a little bit. (with the heater on).

    Have a great Friday!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku