Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Typical Tuesday

Today was another typical Tuesday.  Well better than usual, cos mum had a late start which meant us girls could laze about on the bed.  We took it easy, and as mum had to start work at midday she had her soup and bagel at 10:30 am with me.  Then she headed out the door, and made it back just after 8pm.  Reheated leftover chicken/veg and noodes for her and a feast for me.

 Now some quick jobs are done before Greys Anatomy is on.  Mum is back to watching it again although she finds it super annoying.  Real doctors don't spend all their time whining or moaning about their relationships, especially in front of patients.  Still - we know it is all make believe.

Hope you all have had a good Tuesday - typical or not.


  1. Our schedule here is a later one, more like what you had today, Poppy. Only without the Grey's Anatomy! We think we'll give that show a pass.

  2. HeHe! Grey's Anatomy! Is that another 'rubbish' series from
    the UK...The only anatomy l'm interested in is....MINE!
    And, what's for supper...! :).
    I stick to a good film...Comedy...Food, or Nature programmes...!
    Oh! and, football of course...! :>).

    Rolly~Polly on the bed likes fun Poppy!x

  3. Our mum watches that show too. She's has so many years invested in watching, she just puts up with the silliness and has many times thought of stop watching.

  4. I love the first picture of you, Poppy. You could cut out the background, add some clouds, and it'll look as though you're hurtling through the air. And what a brought gold your eyes are in that photograph.

  5. Sounds like a good day Poppy! Yep, those TV shows are all pretend, and some can be super irritating. Especially the 'reality' ones. Which of course are pretend too, though promoted as real.

  6. It's another typical day here, Poppy -- we're waiting for another snow storm. LOL.

    Our human hasn't ever seen that show, or most "popular" shows, actually. She does watch a lot of HGTV, though. (Home reno stuff, mostly.)

  7. Grays Anatomy is one of the few shows Mom always likes to watch, even if it is on the DVR. Unfortunately it lost a couple of good characters. And of course the whole thing is pretty unrealistic. Especially when they hop into bed together in the call room!

  8. poppy Q...nothin wrong with lazen a bout !!! N we iz knot a loud ta watch tee & vee tho de doctorz on that show sound like de co werkrz at de food serviss gurlz place oh employ !!! ♥♥♥

  9. Poppy, you are so adorable, I'm not sure how your mum keeps from snuggling you all the time!

    I used to watch Grey's but I gave up years ago...too confused over who was sleeping with who...and I just said the heck with it.. Have a great day!