Saturday, March 28, 2015

Casual Caturday

Mum was all revved up last night to head to bed early, but the sleep wouldn't come so she tossed and turned and read her book til close to 3am before her eyes closed.  She had somewhere to be this morning, and it was a rude awakening for her to be up at 8am, but she enjoyed the morning, having brunch with a bestie and going to see A Little Chaos at the cinema.  By this time the rain was swirling, and so the girls enjoyed their day out.

Mum then went for  a wee afternoon walk and a visit to the supermarket.  So addictive when it is at the end of our street.  She got  a few treats for tomorrow - for Sunday is the Cricket world cup final Australia Vs New Zealand, and the first time ever that New Zealand has made it to the final.  Twelve hours of fun!!! The game that is.

So the plan for Sunday is to stay home as the weather is meant to be dismal.  Housework in the day time with a few breaks for food and book reading, the then we will camp out to watch the cricket.

She is feeling drowsy now as she resisted the urge to nap this afternoon, and I have already taken myself off to bed at 7pm, as the bedroom is quiet and peaceful for a few hours and my tummy is full after fancy feast dinner.

Enjoy your Caturday everybuddy.

PS - we saw the neighbour today, so he survived the big fight during the week, although the girlfriend is not around, so maybe she has been kicked out?  They are both in their sixties, and should know better.


  1. Looks as if you and Mum have things sorted for the weekend poppy!x
    Think you should see off the Aussies in the cricket..Probably watch a
    bit of it. Gran Prix at eight tomorrow, our time, so must have that on.
    Then off to the supermarket at ten....Job done..Feet up...Telly! :>).
    HeHe! Amen...!

  2. Wonderful that the neighborhood is peaceful again! We'll be glad to take some of your rain :)

  3. Have a great snooze Poppy and mum, it sounds like a busy day tomorrow. Good luck to the NZ cricket team!

    Glad to hear your neighbours have settled down.
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  4. Hope you had a wonderful caturday and that sleeping is easier tonight!

    Pet lovers please check out my homeless cat blog for stories of the abandoned/feral colony I manage.

    Debby in Prescott Valley, Arizona

  5. The neighbors are in their 60's! Does the blasted drama never end?
    Go New Zealand!