Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Middle Aged Lady Brain

Mum is not impressed with her middle aged lady brain.  She went to put the rubbish out tonight, but no rubbish bags.  At 9.15pm.  Luckily there is a supermarket at the end of the street.  Which mum was at after work.  Not impressed.

Then after hiking down the 45 steps outside our place to get the bags, going to the supermarket and climbing back up the steps, she will then have to take the bags out.

Seriously not impressed.

Me - I'll just have a nap while she gets busy.

PS it is 11pm almost and mum is just putting out the rubbish now.  On her supermarket run she bought two lots of rubbish bags, some new plastic containers for fruit, stock,  insect spray, some crackers, some pears,  moisturiser and a new wok.  Mum thinks you shouldn't shop when tired, but oh well it was nice for her to get some fresh airs.


  1. HeHe! That's right Poppy!x
    You make sure Mum does things properly...
    And...Make sure she ties them up, as well,
    so the rubbish does'nt fall out...When 'your'
    happy with that...She can have a cup of tea! :)
    (Are'nt l wicked). Bless!x

  2. MOL ... you do the right thing Miss Poppy :)

  3. I bet your mum was glad to get to bed after her late excursion to the supermarket. My mum leaves herself notes everywhere or she forgets everything.

  4. Our human's laughing with your mum, Poppy, not at her. But hey, think of the stair workout she got! :-D

  5. Poppy, dear, I'm laughing with your mum now. This is what I call "spin cycle shopping." When middle-aged ladies are too tired to schlepp home everything they need in one trip, they must then make another trip to pick up the item they didn't get on the first trip. Then they're so tired they can't remember what it was they needed -- so they buy a wok. (My new wok has red handles!)

  6. That's how my shopping goes...can't just pick up one thing. I only go with a list!

  7. LOL Poppy. You must wonder at the workings of the human brain some times ;-)

  8. poppy...ya noe, de one thing we saw missin frum mumz 11 o clock store run ~~~

    FEAST !!!!!!

  9. That's like my humans stocking up on EVERYTHING and forgetting the dish detergent!

  10. 45 steps up and down. Now that must count for your mum's daily exercise. I am most annoyed when mum forgets to pick up my food! Then she has to go out again after coming home after a long day at work. Meow from Jessica

  11. Our human sometimes forget to buy what they went to the store for, too, Poppy! :)

    Hugs to you and Mum!

  12. My Mom went shopping on her computer for stupid plants to go outside when the snow melts. I'll be in the kitty condo. Have a good day, ladies.