Monday, March 2, 2015

Mini Me or Mini You Monday

 Mum was looking on ETSY and she found these fabulous felines made by Olga Mareeva in Montenego.
                                          Such honeys, they remind me of many of my friends.
                           Please visit her little shop to check out all the wee cuties that she has hand made.

                                  Thanks Olga for giving us permission to show the pictures on the blog.
                                        We love the whole gang.


  1. What a lovely, lovely little family Poppy!
    Such cute faces....Ah!

  2. Poppy, dear, if I found this pride of pussycats on my doorstep, I'd be running for the bowls and kibble!

  3. And they probably don't eat much, either, the tiny ones...

  4. Those fuzzy kitties make us want to SQUEEE! They are so aborable. Thanks for sharing where you found them. Perfect for peeps that cannot or do not have the delight of sharing their life with a real live cat like you Poppy. I bet they don't claw the furniture or insist on sleeping on top of one's head. They look very well behaved. Olga is a very talented artist. We love the round faces & mouse-like ears.

  5. poppy Q...theeze wee kittehz be awesum !!! we will sneek over ta her shoppe while de food serviss gurlz at werk !! ☺


  6. Oh, they are absolutely adorable!