Sunday, March 15, 2015

Bunkering Down

Well the end of the busy weekend has come and almost gone.  Mum worked a couple of busy shifts, but they went well and although they were steady the time went fast.   The family arrived and it was lovely to spend time with them, although mum is a bit dog tired, as there were a couple of late nights.

I camped out the back most of the time, although I was brave and came in and slept on the couch last night and even stayed there when big uncle got up out of bed to use the bathroom and walked right by me.  I also sat on my sister in laws knee this morning, until I sniffed her and realised that she wasn't my mum.  Go me!!!

So there is a bit of a big cyclone - cyclone Pam  heading towards NZ tomorrow, the one that has already caused a lot of devastation in Fiji.    They are not forecasting  too bad a weather where we live, and mum is lucky as she has tomorrow off, so is planning to stick to staying home, although if it is fine in the morning she may attempt to head out for some quick jobs.  Luckily we have lots of supplies at home, so feel quite happy to stay in the house if the weather is terrible.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and are looking forward to the week ahead.


  1. Goodness Me! Poppy!x You don't want any of that nasty weather
    that's up and around Fiji. Otherwise Mum will be joining you under
    the decking...! :).
    They say 10 people have lost there lives, though they've not been
    able to reach some of the villages yet. Terrible thing to happen.

    Glad you got through the weekend o.k. And, things are back to
    normal, nice to see you back on Mum's bed again....Have a lovely

  2. Time with Fameowly is GREAT ! & Sound like you are a really good girl , Miss Poppy :)

    I hope your mom have sometime to nap & dad works 7 days in this week too. Me does paw crossed , hope nothing bad happens. All good only

    Happy Sunday

  3. We're glad you and your mum had a good visit with family -- yes, it's very tiring, though!

    We've heard about the massive damage that Cyclone Pam already has caused and hope that "she" ends up steering clear of you. Purrs for the safety of all her in her path.

  4. We're glad your mum will be home so you two can relax after all those visitors!

    We hope Pam wears out before she reaches NZ :)

  5. Good for you Poppy! We is sure you mum was pleased that you felt more comfortable with the visitors.

    We hopes Pam peters out before she gets to you. Stay safe!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  6. I hope Pam doesn't cause any problems for you. It is nice to have a good visit from family.

  7. Happy to know you were brave & slept in the house even with bisitors there. We laughed when you said you thought your Auntie was mom as you were sitting on her. We have done that before with our mom's sister. They look & sound alike, so it is an easy case of mistaken idenity. We are relieved to know Cyclone Pam will stay away from Wellington. It's rainy & very windy where we live today. Mom is getting all her boxes of papers out & is a bit unhappy 'cuz she has to force herself to do her taxes today. She says if she get green papers back, she may get us a new cat condo. Ours is very old & is so ugly mom put it out on the covered deck last year. We could use some new napping spots, so we will cross our tootsies that mom is able to get us a really cool condo with a ramp. Cosmo is getting old & can't leap with his arthritis in his back legs, so a ramp will really make it easy for him to get up & down. I may even give him 1st choice of which nest he wants to use, It will be nice for your mom to have a day off tomorrow. Maybe she will even get to relax & spend some time with her favorite big grey girlcat. Poppy, you look very sweet in that photo of you catching up on your sleeps.

  8. Poppy, dear, you deserve a kiss on the tummy for being such a brave, good girl. You helped your mum enjoy having her family visit, while knowing your were safe asleep on the couch -- or on an almost familiar knee. Staying inside with all hatches battened down sounds like an excellent plan for you and mum whenever the weather arrives. Actually, it's a good idea even if the weather's fair.

  9. Hope that nasty storm leaves you alone!

  10. Those visitors sound nice, but having company is tiring, isn't it, Poppy? Stay safe, and have fun with Mum tomorrow.