Friday, March 6, 2015

Finally Friday

We are glad that Friday has finally come to our town today.  Mums sleep has not been great this week, averaging only about five hours or so sleep each night when either her alarm or her bladder wakes her up to get up.  This morning she was glad to be up at sunrise, as the sky was a beautiful coral and pink colour, Signs that the clouds and rain would arrive later in the day.

Her work day went well, and she was pleased as she left work, that miss Belle texted, and mum asked her if she wanted to come round for dinner.  So the girls had chicken and chips and salad for their dinner with little cheesecakes for pudding.  Miss Belle and mum had a good laugh, and then miss Belle headed off to visit first the supermarket and then her friends.

So I had my feast early and hid under the deck for most of Miss Belles visit, but came in half way through to sniff her shoes.  As she will be round lots more, mum hopes I will remember her more and be a bit more social, but she knows that I am a shy girl.

So some of the chores have been done and mum is feeling tired, and looking forward to hopefully getting a better nights sleep tonight.  Hope you all do too.


  1. Poppy!x Tell Mum to whisper in Miss Belle's ear...
    And, suggest when she visits to bring you a little
    treat...Then you'll get to know a like her more! :).
    Every time l visit a friend who has a pussy~cat
    l take some treats, with me. Usually, they sit on
    my lap and l feed them by hand. Then they curl
    up and go to sleep....Heaven! :>)

  2. Poppy, dear, it's obvious you're simply exhausted by a lack of sleep! It's good of you to make the effort and be hospitable to young Belle nonetheless. And how nice of her to be courteously patient while you become better acquainted! Just think, by the time it's really cold you'll have another lap for snuggling.

  3. At least you're not waking your mum up, Poppy. The same cannot be said for certain cats in my household...

  4. I'm sure you will become more comfortable around Miss Belle in time, Poppy.

  5. Hooray for Friday, Poppy. We hope you and Mum both get some good sleeps this weekend. :)

  6. It must be Saturday morning now Poppy. I hope you and your mum had a good and restful nights sleep.

  7. poppy Q....I hide from everyone and everything and have been shy my whole 12 years; only three people have been allowed to gaze upon my FAB self....I'm glad you got your feast, I shall have some a bit later; enjoy your weekend with mum, we hope she gets some much needed rest ~~~ hugs from dai$y =^..*= ♥♥♥

  8. We hope mum and you get a good sleep in this weekend. Have a good one!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  9. I bet Miss Belle would be very happy to have your charming company, Poppy. She is lucky to have her aunt in town to have her for dinner. Still awfully cold her but they say some warmer days ore on their way. Meow from Jessica

  10. Mum is all tired tonight too. Still trying to get over the end of winter cold. Maybe our coming nice weather will help.