Thursday, July 16, 2015


Hmmm - mums face tonight looks a little like mine did last night.  You see her hairdresser of two years left the local salon, so mum got passed onto the new hairdresser who has been at the salon for a week.   Mum told her that she was growing her hair, she wanted the colour evened out, and wanted the sides more even.  Somehow that translated into the back cut real short (about 3 inches long), the colour much the same and the sides almost chopped off.  Mum also likes to dry her hair straightish and the hairdresser wanted to dry it curly.  Mum did like her new hairdresser, she seemed like a nice girl, but maybe having the last appointment of the day is a bad idea. 

Anyway it really is a first world problem and mums hair grows really fast.  Next time mum will be clear on her explanation.

Oh I have a new fun thing to do.  About 10pm I start coming into the living room to talk to mum.  I Meow at her, and if she ignores me I scratch her couch, which gets her attention.  What I want, is for her to come to bed so I can get under the covers and climb on her leg to sleep.  I only stay there for 10 minutes, before I have to come up for air and then return to the end of my bed and my blankie.  Awesome.


  1. Maybe your mum could let the new hairdresser practice with someone else. Seems your mum was quite clear in what she wanted and that the young woman didn't listen. :-/

  2. Well...I think yesterdays photo was lovely Poppy!x
    After ALL those photos, l can see your having a well earn't
    rest...zzzzzZ! :).

    If Mum did'nt get her hair done as she wanted...Hope she
    did'nt pay....!!! :(.

  3. My mum wouldn't be pleased either if the hairdresser didn't listen to what she said. Scratching the couch always seems to get the humans attention. I don't do that but Eric did.

  4. I haven't had a problem with my hair since it left twenty years ago. But it is always annoying when people who are supposed to be in the service (as in 'to serve') industry don't listen.

  5. I think you've created a nice new routine, Poppy!

  6. Hoo boy... I would be mad about that haircut. I got a bad one about 10 months ago and I haven't had it cut since. Poppy, I know your mommy is very nice but I think she should complain.
    And you might want to stay under the covers for longer. Your mom would like that.

  7. poppy Q....what wuz that ??? we iz sorree yur mumz hairdresser dinna listen two her....we think itz prettee kleer what mum said....N we think yur new trik iz awesum !!! stay warm & enjoy yur caturday & sunday & hope mumz knot on call ~~~

    heerz two an arctic char kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  8. Mum does not like having to change hairdressers, the last major change was when she moved where she lives now and got the new girl. She didn't do so well. BUT she left a few months later and she got the lady she has now who is really good. Mum even followed her to her new place when the old shop closed last year.

  9. Poppy, dear, you have NO idea how stressful it is to change hairdressers. A dear friend had to have eye surgery -- and for a lady in her 90s any surgery is an event -- but when we gathered to support her she assured us this was nothing compared to having to change hairdressers when her regular 'girl' retired and moved to Florida to celebrate her 50th wedding anniversary.