Saturday, July 18, 2015

New Foods Caturday

Some of my friends were enquiring about what new foods had been enticing me to clean my plate.  I haven't ditched the feast just yet, cos mum knows that as soon as she stocks up on the new stuff - I will stop eating it.  So I have been trying some Dine.   I ate the chicken one last night and enjoyed it, but only ate 3/4 of my beef one tonight, but that is still a good effort.

Mum says her day at work went well today, but she was glad that it finally finished at 10:30pm (she started at 9am).  Home to watch a bit of telly and gobble down lots of snack food, before heading to bed with her book. I have been very vocal about her coming to bed soon - as I want my snuggle.

Have a great Caturday everybuddy!!  Have some fun!


  1. ooooO! The carton looks good enough to eat to Poppy!x
    Is that you on the front, on the lid....! :).

    It's a busy Caturday for me....Had half a lamb given me
    yesterday, so, been busy butchering it...Into nice joints...
    My annual Barby is on the 2nd of August..So, it all helps.
    HeHe! Feeding of the 5,000....Surprising what one can do
    with a few loaves and fishes.....
    And, l'm just gonna try a few riblets on barby, for lunch....!

  2. Very nice packaging. :-) We're not familiar with it, we see it's made in Australia. (Thanks, Google.) We hope you keep eating it, Poppy -- at least it would give you a bit of variety!

  3. It's always tough getting used to a new food

  4. That is a long day of work. Hope your mum doesn't have to do shifts like that furry often.

  5. I've been buying cat food from Aldi. Bella only likes the one flavour, the one with the baby prawns, but at least between that and the two flavours of feast I know I can always find enough to keep her happen luckily agatha eats everything lol