Tuesday, July 21, 2015


How is your week going friends?  Are you feeling the glow?  Got some sunbeams or like us are you having to enjoy some artificial warmth at the moment?  Actually we got a bit of sunshine today before it got chilly and wet this afternoon.  Mum is counting down the hours til Friday when she gets a few days off to chill out.  In the meantime she has three busy days of work to get through.  Thursday is a long day.  Starting at 8am she has to work the morning, then go to an afternoon series of talks, then rush off to a couple in the evening. 

After feeling poorly yesterday she felt better today, but was exhausted.  So no Greys Anatomy tonight, she will record it and watch at the weekend.  Tonight she has promised herself to be in bed by 10pm - which she thinks about every night, but her body clock often has her falling asleep just after midnight.  She can usually cope with 6 hours sleep a night, but every so often it catches up with her.

Mums work colleagues were very  kind about her haircut.  They were nice and complimentary, even the boys said nice things to her which made her feel better.  Mum is getting used to it, and it is nice for her to have a change. Like every haircut she has had it is always a bit awkward for the first couple of weeks, and really good for the next couple.  She must say the boys were shocked to hear that for a ladies cut/foils/colour girls on average pay $200 compared to a mans haircut of $20.  Luckily mum is a pretty low maintenance type of girl and doesn't spend a lot on beauty products

Me - I spend nothing on beauty!! My tongue comes for free!!


  1. HeHe! So Poppy!x You've finally seen the light....!
    Haircuts! It's the same over here...Ladies pay so
    much for there hair, and men pay about a third.....
    My Friend Karen, who l actually went to school with
    has been cutting my hair, at home for 42yrs. It's
    gone up over the years, at the moment l pay £10.
    In English money. She's brilliant, the only person,
    who can cut my hair..dry..without spraying all sorts
    of rubbish on it...!

    And..No! You don't need to spend on beauty Poppy!x
    On the front page of Vogue..and on top of a feast tin......
    Beauty itself....!x

  2. Glad the haircut is good. That seems a lot to pay, even for a ladies haircut. They must be exclusive. Lucky for us cats not to pay for our furs to be clipped. And it keeps us warmer in winter.

  3. Poppy, dear, if that is a fly you're watching in the lamp light, please do not eat it. It will give you a gritchy feeling in your throat and that will lead to disaster on mum's carpet. Please tell your mum the prices she's encountering for people fur maintenance are about the same in the Midwest. What's shocking is what mums must pay for doggies' trips to the pretty parlor -- another excellent reason for adopting cats!

  4. Poppy, we kitties are low maintenance with beauty because we are SO awesomely beautiful to begin with!

  5. poppy Q...ewe noe ewe were born gorgeouz !!!! ♥♥♥ glad mom getz a few days two chillax heer soon, & happee her iz gettin used ta her hairz cut.....round heer just as de food gurl getz used ta sum thin...her changes it !!! ♥♥♥

  6. Looks like you are enjoying the warmth of that lamp on your face Poppy.

  7. It's our mom bean's turn to stay home not feeling furry well. That's okay by us, we get more cuddles!

    Phew, we is sure glad we kitties are way less maintenance than beans. Mom bean can get away with $100 for a wash, cut and color and she doesn't even color all her hairs! Our bean brofur uses the clippers and it doesn't cost a thing. On the other hand, she does pay for (and clean) our kitty litters. We guess our maintenance is just different that's all.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  8. We got some sunbeams here - and da hots!

  9. Poppy, I had a fur-cut. And like your mum I was not too sure about it. But it is growing out and with the summer heat it is more comfortable than my fluffy coat. I hope you and mum enjoy her days off. From Jessica

  10. Mum says she is low maintenance, but she does get her hair curled every three month, which isn't cheap. But she won't color it, that is costly.