Monday, July 13, 2015


Scuse us having lots of similar photos at the moment.  Being mid winter, it is dark when mum goes to work and usually dark when she gets home.  So she tries to nab lots of photos at the weekend, and the best light is often in the bedroom.  Often I tolerate them in there, so she has quite a few this week of me on the bed.  The mumster does spend a lot of time trying to get me look at the camera, as I do try and close my eyes and turn my head. 

The working week has started, and mum was super lazy this morning, staying in bed 10 minutes longer than usual, and so didn't have time to make herself  her usual homemade lunch.  She bought some at work, that was carb heavy, expensive and not particularly tasty, so she must do better tomorrow.  She always has yoghurt and fruit available to take, and often some leftovers.  The café at work often has long lines and surly service with expensive prices, a wonder that they make money but they pretty much are the only place available to staff and patients, and with a half hour break we don't have time to wander off to buy lunch at other places. 

Hope you have all had a good beginning to your working weeks.


  1. Poppy, dear, perhaps your mum might wish to create a "watch the birdie!" hat? A man who photographs children created his WTB hat from a sombrero, hanging an assortment of cat toys from the wide brim. It entertained the little ones -- and it might entertain you.

    Like your mum, I sometimes purchase a lunch to buy time lying abed. I'd do better to grab some fruit and biscuits, or even a thermos of milk and a packet of malt mix!

  2. or closed Poppy!x You still look lovely!
    And, you've still got that rainbow behind you...!

    It's nearly 11:30 over here...I've been into town...
    Coffee at Costa Coffee...Wandered around the charity shops,
    bit of fruit and veg...Back home for a lemon tea and a dough~
    nut....And, writing a comment on your lovely Blog....Bless!x

  3. Ha! I know about trying to take pictures after a winter sun has set. Mine come out grainy.

    Can your mum make lunch the night before? I often prepare a number of items for the whole week, then just store them in the refrigerator until I use them.

  4. There is not enough light here to satisfy my human for photographs either. I think the idea about assembling lunch the night before, at least partially is a good one - those hospital cafes are always bad news.

  5. poppy Q...hay ewe gorgeouz, yur fotoz iz rockin ree gard less....N frank lee de food gurl heer in trout towne canna take a good fotoz.... in any kinda lite.....happee week ta yur mum, hope werk iz knot like a vacuum masheen in that it sux ~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  6. My mum used to make lunch the night before and keep in the fridge for my dad to take when he was out working. She doesn't like mornings and would never have time to do it then.

  7. We love the photo, Poppy! You are so adorable. My mum becomes so frustrated when trying to take my photo because I always put my head down just as she clicks the button.
    Your mum is wise to bring lunch to work. My mum tries to do so too but is too often working on the road. Keep warm, from Jessica

  8. Mum has everything ready to go for lunch. She has packed her own for years as there has been no food service in the buildings she worked in OR the food was super expensive. Now she would have to go out to get fast food, with lots of fats and ick. Mum always has fruit, string cheese and yogurt, plus what she takes for the entree. She cooks to get leftovers!

  9. It's hard when the paparazzi are always at you poppy. But we your fans really hunger for pretty pics
    Sometimes it takes buying yucky lunches to just remind us just how yummy and cheaper our home made ones are. Don't feel bad Poppy's mummy. We all need a break sometimes stay warm guys

  10. The hospital by us has a great cafeteria. Our mum loves eating there when she has to be with someone who is there so she can eat there. Very cheap prices even for visitors and great food.