Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I Missed Yooo

Sorry we ran out of time last night to post.  Mum got home and was a bit tired, and by the time I was feasting on my feast, and she had her feet up, it was after midnight and time for bed.  Then it was an early start this morning, so she wasn't at her best all day, but feels better this evening, and will be even better tomorrow after a night of sleep.

We did exciting things this evening, like sort out the rubbish, fold the laundry and mum was so lazy she had a simple sandwich for her dinner - all first world problems we think.  Now I am on the bed meowing at her to remind her of something I want her to do.  Secretly she is smiling too, as the past two nights, I have wanted to snuggle under the blanket and sleep next to her, something I only do about 10 nights a year.  Mum thinks it is because I missed her when she was out all night, but she also wonders if the temperatures are beginning to drop right down overnight.

So sweet dreams my lovies.  Talk to you again soon.


  1. Poppy, dear, I'm sure your mum is content to have you snuggling under the covers when the temps are freezing cold, especially if you purrrr yourself -- and her -- to sweet dreams.

  2. AH! Bless you Poppy!x Your very caring..And, having a
    loving snuggle with Mum! :).

    It's very hot to~day over here, the weather lady says it could
    be the hottest day of the summer...Phew!
    I've just had a stir~fry out on the patio...and a big glass of
    squash...bit sweaty now! Still, washed my face in clod water..
    better now!
    HeHe! Take care you two...Sweet dreamies...!

  3. poppy waz eggs citin round TT two last nite ....we watched a drawer get kleened out, had sum salmon & fell a slepp ina chair !! ♥♥♥ ☺☺

  4. Our mom bean has the day off today because it is Canada's birthday. Appawently her way of celebrating is to sleep in past our breakfast time, hang out in a chair watching the noisy box, and take pictures of the sqwirrel. Sheesh, at least she is sitting long enough for us to get in some snuggles.

    Have a great night's sleep!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  5. Poppy, our beans love when we're close to them. You've made your Mum very happy. We're rather hot here but not like some parts of the world. If we could send you some heat we would.
    Oh , our Mum is squeeing over your beautiful furry face.

  6. Poppy, we think you were missing your mum who has been so busy at work earning your money. We hope you both stay warm and cozy. I am preparing for a loud and disruptive night; you see, it is Canada Day and the silly humans are already setting off those wretched fire works. I hate the noise. From Jessica

  7. Agatha did the same thing overnight. She snuggled around my neck so I got up and put more wood in the fire. After about fifteen minutes she went back down to my feet. I think cats are better thermometers than anything else. Don't you lol stay warm

  8. Aw, that is very sweet, Poppy. We love that you gave mum the treat of those snuggles. :)

  9. I loves to snuggle under the covers with mum too. Not all night, but long enuf for a good cuddle.