Friday, July 17, 2015

Finally Friday

Friday night is finally here.  Time for the mumster to pop the uniform in the washing machine and get busy doing some chores.  She has to work over the weekend, so it is always good to get some jobs out of the way.  Also in the winter it takes several days for her uniform to dry out and be ready for next weeks work.

Dinner was easy.  I didn't even get a feast for my dinner.  Mum tried me on a new brand, and I gobbled it up which is unusual for me.  Mum knows though not to count her chickens, as she may try it again tomorrow and I might turn my nose up at it.  She enjoyed her dinner too.  Something easy, just some parmesan/basil/herb oven fries with some sour cream.  Then she had some kiwifruit - mmm tasty she said.

Hope you all had a lovely Friday too my friends.


  1. There's two things l like about your Blog Poppy!x
    You of course...And, Mums food...Always summat
    different..Always makes me feel peckish...Nearly
    mid~day over here...So, l'm off to look for some
    feast for myself...Salad, me thinks, oh! and a tin of
    sardines...! :). HeHe! easy...peasy...!x

  2. We kitties need to keep our humans guessing!

  3. We are glad you enjoyed your new food, Poppy. For now. MOL!

  4. What is the new food you are enjoying
    Poppy? Your mum's dinner sounds delicious. Mum went our for a yummy lunch with friends from work so was too full for dinner. But I still wanted mine! Have a nice weekend and tell your mum not to work too hard. From Jessica

  5. We had a good Friday with some sunshine and then some rain which made the mom bean happy. Hope you get some snuggles with mom in between her work this weekend.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku