Friday, July 3, 2015


Luckily the new laptop arrived last night, cos we think our old workhorse has taken its final journey.  So mum even figured out how to add some photos and make a post.  She still has lots of work to do over the weekend figuring out stuff.  The passwords - oh my that is enough to make this old ladies head explode.

So I am off to nap and get some rest - it could be late nights!!


  1. HeHe! What's it like to sleep on Poppy!x
    More comfy than the old one....Careful now, when
    Mum puts all those passwords in..It'll be a bit lumpy!
    'Lap~Top Nights' Sounds a good title for a song...! :).

  2. Being able to publish a blog article, and with a photograph, is pretty darn good.

  3. Yes, Poppy, rest up while your human figures everything out!

  4. Getting a new computer can cause a lot of HBO words and headaches.

  5. Your mum has done very well! Mum feels the same about passwords. Necessary but oh so maddening!