Thursday, July 2, 2015

Middle Aged Mumser Madness

It is middle aged madness here for the Mumster.  The new laptop has arrived, although lovely mum is feeling kind of crazy.  The passwords that she doesn't remember, the new apps and things that are unfamiliar make her feel like a real old person, she is sure the teenagers would pick it up straight away.  Thank goodness it does turn on and actually work, when our old laptop continues its sad terminal death.  Thank goodness she doesn't have to work at the weekend, and has little planned, she'll be trying to figure out some stuff.  I'll be here to snoopervise and keep her company.

Mum got a bit more sleep last night, and is ready to hit the sheets soon and get a good 7 hours in. It will be a busy old day at work for her tomorrow, and it is best to be rested and not yawning when talking to patients.  She is on her feet for most of the day, so has to be ready to keep going for a steady 8 hour shift.

So after telling you all about snuggling with her, I refused to snuggle up last night and slept at her feet.  The weather is meant to turn bad again soon, so I am sure it may happen again.

Oh - and the tv show I am watching is a cooking one.  They are down in the South Island of NZ and talking about the truffles they grow there.  Interesting.


  1. Poppy!x Tell Mum she's not on her own when it comes
    to computers, l just got mine back on Monday. My friend
    Richard had it for 4 days! He's amazing...All sorted...It
    no good him telling me what he's done...I would'nt understand
    it....HeHe! :). It's better now..faster and smoother...!
    Always thought of getting a lap~top...But, l would'nt part with
    my pink set~up....Tower, keyboard, speakers etc...ALL Pink!

    Can't see what your watching Poppy!x Looks a bit violent to
    me....Bless! :).x

  2. Being able to work a computer is insignificant, Poppy. Your mum helps people at her job every day. How many teenagers are doing that?

  3. I am sure that with your help, your mum will soon get used to the new laptop.

  4. Good luck to your mum re: her new laptop. I need a replacement for mine (at home), but (a) don't want Windows 8.anything and (b) really dislike the thought of trying to get up to speed on everything new and get it all set up. LOL.

    When your mum has it all sorted out, she can hire her services out for the rest of us middle-aged mumsters. :-)

  5. I know what you mean by some of the new stuff making you feel old. Good luck with the new laptop!

    For those reading this, check out my cat blog archives for some informative posts and stories about the cat abandoned/feral colony I manage.

    Debby in Arizona

  6. oh I feel your pain with learning a new computer. It has done my head in - thankfully the kids are able to help me. Maybe your neice can pop in and help - they seem to just go whizz bang got it.

  7. poppy Q...

    usual lee by de time ANYONE figures out computerz stuff...itz old news.....

    de food serviss gurl haz had cell ewe lar dee vize for a few now...her HAD de fone for several yeerz N could knot figure out why it did knot ring when her getted a call.....

    de volume waz cranked two de max, her setted everee one her noes ta diffrunt "tones" { like 5 peepulz !! } her wood call her self with de werk fone....nadda....

    sew.....her looked up de info on ta why it wood knot ring....onlee ta find out when her putted de case on de fone ta keep it safe; her switched de RINGER....two OFF.....


    Heerz two a climbin catfish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  8. We is lucky because our bean brofur knows all about computers so mom bean doesn't have to think...she just yells and he comes fixes things. Maybe your mum bean's niece could help figure out the confusing bits.

    Have a great rest, where ever you choose to sleep Poppy!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  9. Poppy, dear, please tell your mum to consider hiring a guru/geek who makes house calls. For a small sum, a nice man comes to my house once a year to cleanse the hardware, do weird rites with the software, and create back-up CDs "just in case". ("Snoopervise" is a wonderful word! I'm going to adopt it!)