Thursday, October 12, 2017

7 of 7

Mum has finally reached day 7 of 7 which she is pleased about.  She will be glad of a couple of days off work, but back to normal on Monday. 

This is mums newish key ring that she took a photo of hanging in our door today.


  1. Love the key ring,hope mum has 2 really well deserved days off and won't you enjoy that poppy my sweet.

  2. Ah! Glad Mums got a couple days off Poppy!x
    She'll be able to spent more time with you! :).

    Love the key ring..hope your not gonna wear
    it around your neck! You look lovely enough
    as you are! Bless!x

  3. Poppy, dear, I'm not a club joiner but "The Stay Home Club" might suit me very well, indeed.

  4. Seven straight days... That's a long time to work straight through. I'm glad your mum has some time off now.

  5. We're glad your mum's finally getting a break. Ours probably would go postal if she had to work 7 straight days, at least with (most of) her current coworkers. :-P

  6. We love the key ring! Our mum is a charter member and proud of it!

  7. mum is sorta in that club too, she likes to stay home with me.

  8. Enjoy your weekend with Mum Poppy ... LoVe that new keyring ... Love staying home!!


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