Saturday, October 28, 2017

Warm Caturday

Wow what a lovely day we had to day.  Real warmth in the sun and the feeling of the summer to come.  Tonight mum was looking through some of my old photos and came across this one, me rolling round in the garden about 9 years ago when I was a youngster.  It always reminds her of summer too.

Mum met up with some of her friends and they went for a drive around the coast.  They stopped and had a nice lunch at a new vegetarian cafe that was very busy.  Although they weren't convinced by the facon or  the soy sausages, mum doesn't mind the odd meatless meal.  She had a potato/sweet potato hash that was ok, but not her favorite.

They went and had a look at a couple of shops and then wandered into town to go to the local fancy market, to get a couple of goodies.

All that sun gave mum a bit of a headache and she had to come home and draw the curtains and lie down.  Unfortunately the neighbors had invited all their friends over to enjoy the sunny evening, so it was a bit loud for her.  After a couple of hours though she was glad to find her headache had gone, so she got up and had a small supper and talked to me.

Me - well I rolled around and slept in the sun - I like the warm rays on my furs after a long winter.

We hope you have had a nice Caturday too and do something fun.


  1. Nearly mid~day over here Poppy!x
    I've just had cheese on toast and some bacon,
    sat out on the patio...suns very warm and
    nice here to...few T~shirts on the line drying!

    And, l must say, except for the headache, Mum had
    a lovely day, nice to get out and about with friends.
    Especially over lunch..! :).

  2. Poppy, dear, Caturday was spent preparing for a Midwest winter, soon to come. This means hauling out the slow cooker to make stews, soups and chili. No meatless meals here!

  3. What an adorable photo of you, Poppy. :-)

    And what a lovely dad your mum had, minus the headache. It's 7:45 AM on Saturday here, and so far our biped has scrubbed out the 4 giant litter boxes we have, and has lugged about 160 pounds (literally, not figuratively) of litter back and forth (garage to basement to garage) in the process. And the day is only young! Next up might window cleaning, while waiting for the dryer repair person. Fun times here. :-D

  4. That is an adorable photo of you poppy. You would be a paparazzos dream. Always ready, willing and able. Mum did have a lovely day. A drive round the coast sounds a real summer treat. Shame about the headache. Once that happened to me with the glare on the water. Does mum have ear plugs if neighbours get noisy? Hope weather stays good.

  5. It's finally starting to cool off here - which is fine with us! We've had enough summer. It's time for you guys to have some.

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  7. Glad your mum feels better. We are having a super cold night.

    I also see you got the spam comment about peeing cats, but from a different blog name. Mum deleted it on my blog.