Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Even here in little old New Zealand people have been glued to their phones watching the news channels about Las Vegas in disbelief.   At work mums colleagues were thinking about the victims and how busy the hospital staff would be.  Mum is reluctant to discuss politics here.  She will say that in her 30 years at the hospital she has only ever seen 4 gunshot victims.  Two were duck shooters accidentally shot by other shooters and two were criminals shot by the police.

Mum thought you might like to see our new latest duvet.  The past few days the days have been warm and sunny, with the promise of the warmest six months of the year to come.  I took to it straight away.


  1. Ah! I see you've got the bed made Poppy!x
    With a lovely patterned duvet..very nice! :).

    And..Yes! That's an awful thing in Las Vagas..
    A man, never been in trouble before, walks into
    a hotel, with a stash of guns, HOW? and, just
    started shooting people! Terrible! :(.
    I'm all for the police shooting criminals!
    But then..l'm still in favour of the death

  2. Dear Mum I think you put that news item beautifully and I know we all feel the same. It broke my heart to think of all those happy souls going out for an enjoyable fun night to have it end like that. It brought me to tears.
    I love your new bed outfit., it is so pretty. Poppy will adore it and make it hers as usual.
    Take care mum and poppy and thank God we live where we do.

  3. Poppy, my human says there are times that she wishes she lived in New Zealand, and not in the U.S. Too bad NZ is so strict about pet quarantines and such!

  4. Yup. Same here in Australia.
    After the port Arthur massacre our government did one good thing and took all automatic and semi automatic weapons off our streets.
    Not that we live in a perfect world. But having our fur babies kinda makes it just a little nicer. Don’t you think poppy xxx

  5. It's definitely a sad time Poppy.

    Lovely new duvet Poppy, it complements your color furry well!

  6. You have better laws about guns and who can own them. Plus the type of guns you can have. Yep, you can hunt type guns. Not war type guns.

    Be safe.

  7. Here in Canada, we had a fanatic try to run people down in a van in Edmonton, then he knocked a police constable down and tried to steal his pistol. No one was killed, thank goodness, due to the tenacity of the policeman. Though we have too many firearms in Canada, most people don’t have them, and this is what criminals must resort to: trying to steal guns from the police. I think that we are very lucky here.