Friday, October 27, 2017


Mum enjoyed her Friday of not working.   A sleep in, a lunch with a bestie, a wander round some shops, 10,000 steps done, meatballs for her dinner and snuggles with me.  A lovely day.


  1. Another 10,000 steps Poppy! Goodness...How tall
    is Mum...4ft...! She must have very short legs!
    HeHe! Only joking...! :).

    It's a lovely day over here, very warm, and the
    suns out, not a cloud in the sky..l've been out
    finishing off the Virginia Creeper..what a job
    that is, three bagful of trimmings..still looks
    a lot better now, much tidier!

    Well..l'm off for some lunch, smoked mackerel,
    and new potatoes, with mayo...I've put the brolly
    up on the table, as l said, it's quite warm..! :).

  2. Ah, nice. It's wonderful when a day simply works out.

  3. That's a rather wistful little face Poppy, I wonder what you are thinking. Happy for mum having such fun but wishing you could go too ? Here is a x for the top of that sweet head.

  4. A sleep in is always good. Mum even likes them now that she is retired.