Sunday, October 29, 2017


It was meant to be a sunny day here in the Q city, but when we woke up it was cloudy and grey.  Mum still got herself up early to go to the market and get some steps done.  She has signed up to My Food Bag, which delivers food for dinner for 4 nights, and she is doing it fortnightly and will try it for a little while.

So this was tonight's dinner - Cajun fish tacos which were tasty and not something mum would have made for herself.   It also has enough leftovers for tomorrow's lunch.  It also is making her try some foods that she would not have necessarily tried by herself.

So now there are a pile of dishes for mum to do.  I am snoozing on our bed.  Mum resisted having a nap this afternoon and will try to go to bed early enough to get a good sleep.  That's her plan anyway.


  1. Mum's dinner looks nice Poppy!x
    To~day l've got pheasant..shooting started last
    weekend, my next door neighbour still looks after
    it all and runs it, so l still get plenty of game!
    Mind you, that's something l could never do..hide
    behind a bail of hay..and shoot them as they fly over!
    I still think it's cruel! But, l never let food got to

    Clocks went back an hour this morning, so it's nice
    and light now, though it'll be dark at five to~night!
    Wish they'd leave the clocks alone, twice a year, we
    have to put up with it! :(.

  2. It is after midnight here in Los Angeles, CA, USA, and you have my human craving fish tacos now! Maybe she will get some tomorrow. I don't get to share, though.

    P.S. She is addicted to her FitBit and is all about getting those 10,000 steps.

  3. Those Cajun fish tacos do look delicious, Poppy! We hope you and Mum both have a nice, restful sleep.

  4. Yum ! That is a very tasty looking meal. We will be interested to hear ( and see) some more of the food bag dishes. Very handy when you come home tired to have the food all ready to cook. It's never very hard to guess what poppy is doing most times of the day. If only she could learn how to wash dishes.🙀

  5. Your mum's dinner idea sounds delicious. What a great way to try new meals and eat healthy foods! And you Poppy? Are you trying some new foods?

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  7. Having meals delivered is a great idea! I don't think they have it here. Why did your mum have dishes to do after not having to prepare dinner?

    (I see you get advertising disguised as comments, too, eh?)