Sunday, October 1, 2017


This was mums view as she left to go to work this afternoon.   I was outside getting my half hour of vitamin D.


  1. Only a half hour? But it looks like such a nice day!

  2. You look a bit lost Poppy!x
    Where's that next door naughty pussy~cat! :).
    Long gone l would l be after being
    chased by Mum with a broom! HeHe! Enjoy your
    vitamin D..I take mine in tablet form...1000mg
    three times a day!

    Well, best get on, eight friends for dinner to~day,
    so it'll be a bit hectic..loads to eat and drink,
    and, l'm sure we'll put the world to rights to! :0.

  3. Good to see you looking well today Poppy. Mum will be happy too.
    Was her lovely bag recoverable. I do hope so.😥

  4. Well, a half hour of Vitamin D is better than none, right Poppy?

  5. Now that spring is there in New Zealand, Poppy, I imagine you'll be doing a lot of that.

  6. Bummed your mum had to work on Sunday.