Monday, October 2, 2017

Mumster Monday

The best part about mum working on Sunday, was that she got to have a Mumster Monday.  She got to sleep in with me, and potter round in the morning.  After weeks of rain, the skies appeared clear, so mum got piles of washing hanging out in the fresh air.

Then she headed out and saw Victoria and Abdul, which she enjoyed a lot.  She went for a walk around to enjoy the sunshine, and then came home to relax with me.

Chicken Alfredo was made for her dinner and eggs boiled so that lunch can be made for the next couple of days.  She is going to go and chop up a pineapple so there is fruit for smoothies.   Oh so organized mum.

Best of all - I get to help her make the bed.  So I'm happy too.


  1. Ah! Mum is certainly well organised Poppy!x
    That's just how l am, a typical Virgo! :).
    I think though, you've got the best job
    of making the bed...and then
    you get to sleep on it..Heaven! Bliss! :0).

  2. The sun finally came out today here as well.
    So over all the rain

  3. Nice photo. I have to wait till Victoria and Abdul are on disk. Long wait I think. Can't wait to see it I had never heard of him before. I think Victoria was a sad soul. Nice to know she had companions. Have a cosy sleep poppy. Have you ever brought an uninvited gues through your door in the middle of the night. My male human as a boy had a rat brought in through an open window. I won't describe the results but it was chaotic. Xxx

  4. What a lovely Monday! I'm on staycation this week, so certainly am enjoying my own Monday, though nothing as nice as your mum's, Poppy. :-)

  5. Glad your mum had a nice day off.

  6. It sounds like your mum was able to enjoy enough sleep at last.