Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sunday Skies

Mum has a thing about the beautiful clouds outside our living room windows.  It was a lovely warm day.  Sheets and towels were on the line and I snoozed in the sun.

Mum went for a walk beside the seaside and got some sunshine on  her fair skin and her 10,000 steps.  Now she is ready to make her dinner- mashed potatoes and sausages. 


  1. They look lovely Poppy!x Lovely colours and
    a joy to see! :).
    It's nearly nine over here, and the suns up
    for the first time all week...Hurricane 'Brian'
    has gone, but not forgotten, lot of damage left
    behind week...sunshine and showers!

    I've got a surprise dinner to~day, last Friday was
    the lady next door's 60th birthday, so last night
    they had a family last night at 8,
    she brought round the left overs..goodness, l've enough
    Chinese to feed a small army..loads! Still, they know
    me..l never waste'll get eaten! :).

  2. Those are spectacular clouds. That was what led us to living in north Canterbury. I have many photos to look back on. When I sent the first ones over to Europe my son in law said he had never seen skies like that over there.
    Sausage and mash sounds yummy. We had a variety of roast vegetables with cauliflower and gravy. Vegetarian but very yummy as well.
    So nice the weather is more like summer. My man bean picked me a bunch of lily of the valley. My favourite flower.

  3. Beautiful skies! And well done by your mum, for getting all those steps in. That's a lot of walking!

  4. You definitely have a lovely view Poppy! Good on your mum to walk so many steps. We kitties prefer napping like you.

    Have a great week!

  5. So beautiful. The colours are exquisite.

  6. We had a beauty-ful Caturday and and wet Sunday.

  7. I can almost see the sun setting in the series of photographs.