Saturday, October 7, 2017


Howdy folks.  The mumster finished her shift last night so I had a midnight feast dinner.  She slept in today and then got up , showered and pottered around.  Dinner for tonights shift was prepared, rice , veg and meatballs.  She gets to start and finish a bit earlier tonight, so has plans to head to the supermarket after work. 

We hope your Caturday is a bit more fun than ours!!


  1. Not much I am sorry to say. Raining out, so curled up with a book - and you of course! Try stalking a few birdies if you get bored. Don't catch them just play games of hide and seek. Ask mum if she has read Without words by Deric Longden. A lovely book. Autobiography.

  2. Sorry. That was Lost for words by Deric Longden

  3. I get to do a cat show today! So that will be lots of fun!

  4. I see your catching a little bit of
    sunshine there Poppy!x
    I'm hoping for a quiet weekend to, after
    the last two...! :).

    Meatballs! Tell Mum to take care, they
    don't roll off the table! :).

  5. It's going to be a rainy Caturday here, Poppy, which means lots of napping. Which we'd do anyway. :-P

    The biped probably will pop out for an errand or two, but it's our long holiday Thanksgiving weekend, so (grocery) stores have been and will be crazy. Best to stay away from those!

    We hope you have a good Sunday!

  6. Most people would find my Caturday boring, Poppy, but I like it. Chores for the first half, a little relaxation, a bath and then movie-time - and I get to sleep in tomorrow!