Saturday, October 21, 2017


Ahhhh Caturday is upon us, and for us is drawing to a close.  The mumster dept in this morning, which didn't make up for the four hour sleeps that she has gotten this week.  I stayed in my usual spot and caught up on my sleeps.

No time for chores this morning, she got herself ready and took herself out.  She went and met a bestie for a stroll and a shop.  Then off to a local bar where mum enjoyed a spicy salt and pepper squid dish and a drink.  They went to the cinema to see Maudie which they both enjoyed.

A 3.15pm movie session is fine for mum, she is happy to be home by dark.  Now the candles are lit, her face is scrubbed clean and she is almost ready for bed.

We hope you are having a great Caturday and planning something fun.


  1. We'ere expecting a bit of a hurricane later on..
    A hurricane called they give names to
    your hurricanes over their Poppy! This ones will
    reach 60~70mph..though mostly up north! Windy
    enough here in the south, with rain on and off!
    Think l'll lock myself away for the weekend! :).

    And squid..yes, love squid, and especially octopus!
    Any sea food really..lots of pepper and olive oil...
    Though l'm having a plate of Sicilian cold meats,
    olives, rice cakes later, and, l just might open
    a nice bottle of red wine...Ah! Bless!

  2. Happy you had a nice day Poppy. I picture munching your way through your fancy feast while mum was out eating her squid. I got so absorbed in watching the film trail or I ended up watching several short films about maud. Would love to have one they just make you happy. I will cross my fingers mum that your little wish comes true.😍

  3. Poppy, your mum had a lovely Saturday in spite of the lack of sleep. We hope you both have a good Sunday too...with more sleep (for her).

  4. Time for bed for us now with the closing of Caterday. What a nice day your mum had. And bet youbare glad to have her home with you.

  5. That sounds like a very nice Saturday for both you and Mum, Poppy. We hope your Sunday is great, too.