Thursday, October 19, 2017


Mum is on the evening shift again.  She had had a hankering for a Shepherd/cottage pie.  So after work last night she bought the ingredients.

She got herself up early this morning to make her dinner.  The laundry got done, groceries put away and the rubbish was taken out.

Me - well I slept on the bed, on the chair and outside on the lawn.


  1. Mum did her volunteer gardening, hair cut and food shopping today. It has been nice so good to be outside. Needs to get more outside stuff done while it is nice.

  2. Once again, your mum's food looks delicious. Very light and fluffy, I'll bet. How much does she have for one meal? I could eat all of it.

  3. A perfect meal and let’s overs as well I’m guessing

  4. The pie looks lovely Poppy!x And, so light and
    fluffy! HeHe! Just like you..!!! :).

    Oh! l expect Mum already knows..if she uses lamb
    mince it's Shepherds pie..if she uses beef mince
    it's Cottage pie...! :).

  5. What a treat Poppy to open your page and see this delightful photo. What a great cook mum is.
    How are the dental biscuits going? Rather boring you must think when watching mum cook.
    I think you had enough sleep today you will be outside busy all night. Hope you didn't watch TVNZ all day like I did waiting for election news. I got so bored and waited so long and then fell asleep and would have missed it if my man bean hadn't woken me. And all for nothing really. What a waste of time.

  6. Our mum now has the nom noms for shepherd pie. A nice warm hearty dish as the days draw in.