Tuesday, October 17, 2017


I am feeling smooth and tidy today after my spa visit.  I went and sat on mum a couple of times overnight to thank her.  She appreciated that, as she was thinking her four hour sleep was too long (she was on call).

The day outside was sunny and warm today.  So mum took herself out after work for a walk.  She visited the library and visited the supermarket in town.  She made a nice dinner of a chicken curry and rice and vegetables.   She used a new sachet of curry that she had seen her friend eat at work.   Unfortunately it didn't agree with mum - she has a sensitive tummy and she knows pretty soon after dinner if it disagrees with her.

Never mind.  Speaking of new foods, the vet encouraged her to buy some new dental biscuits for me to try.  $37 a bag (our supermarket ones are $11).  Wish us luck!!!


  1. ooooO! So your a nice clean young lady Poppy!x
    No rolling about outside then...only on Mums
    nice clean carpet! Bless! :).

    HeHe! I hope both of you come to the same decision,
    regarding the dental biscuits..wonder if Mum will
    like them...! :0).

    Oh! And, tell Mum..not to use curry sachets..there
    horrid things, and you never know what's in them,
    she should make her curry from scratch, then she
    can use the things in it, that she likes and agrees
    with her..!

  2. Poppy, dear, healthy teeth contribute to a healthy heart! Do be a good girl and nibble on the cleans-the-teeth kibble! Mum is working hard to ensure you enjoy 9 long lives.

  3. Glad you are settled Poppy. Good luck mum. That was nasty

  4. We won't touch those blasted dental biscuits our mum tries to push on us. Our vet will lgive mum her money back if we don't eat them but mum keeps on trying any way. Nasty noms, they are.

  5. Whoa, those biscuits sound pricey! Good job of you, um, "thanking" your human for your spa day... I get the feeling that thanking is more like "getting back at..." MOL