Saturday, September 30, 2017

Caturday Apology

I is sorry Mum for having a super stinky bum this morning mum.  I is sorry for smearing it all over your favorite shopping bag.  I am sorry for trying to run away as you tried to clean me up.

I hope I made your Caturday special Mum.



  1. Poor poppy and even poorer mum. Don't you wish these things don't happen. That's life but that doesn't make it any better. You must have eaten something bad poppy. I know lizards are evil. Get better soon. Lots of xxxx

  2. Haha! Sorry...I got up this AM to see that Nicki had dragged his poopy butt all over my bedroom carpet, the nice carpet that was installed in winter 2016. Not even the old, crappy carpet in another bedroom. :-D

    Hey, at least you apologized, Poppy!

  3. Yes! You do look a bit guilty Poppy!x I must say! :).
    What you should have blame it on your nosy
    pussy~cat neighbour! Or was that to late...! Never
    mind...all cleared up now!

  4. I am sure it was very special, Poppy! Accidents do happen though.

  5. It happens to all of us, Poppy. Sometimes mum's and dads too.

  6. Goodness, hopefully you feel OK Poppy and your mum got everything clean.

  7. Well, I suppose there are worse places to put it... I'm sure your mum understands that you didn't do it deliberately. I hope.