Thursday, September 7, 2017

Bad Bad Blogger

We still have a problem and can't upload any photos.   Mum is still on shift and is trying to find out what is going wrong.


  1. Bummer, we had to problem earlier doing our Garden Thursday post.

  2. We're sorry Blogger's being a pain, Poppy. Especially because we don't get to see you!

  3. I think you'd better hit Mr Blog over the
    head with a hammer Poppy!x Always works for
    Never mind there a lots of photos of you and Mums
    food...! Bless!x

  4. We miss you, dear. Hope to see you soon.
    ( Our mum has always wanted to touch the fur on your beautiful face.)

  5. Poppy, dear, please tell your mum not to worry about this until this shift rotation is over. (She'll lose sleep wondering 'what if'...)

  6. Blogger was giving me grief in changing my template photo yesterday, so hopefully this is just some weird glitch for you, something that will be sorted out soon. I've had to hunt through the Blogger forums, even post a few questions over the years, but usually things have worked out as a result. Good luck.