Sunday, September 3, 2017


Sunday has finally rolled round.  Mum finally drifted off to sleep around 2am.  She was not thrilled that I chose to tell her loudly at 6.30am that the biscuit bowl was empty and that it would be prudent for her to arise and refilled it immediately.   Of course I did not actually eat any and went back to bed cos I was tired.

Mum stayed in her bed as it was cold and read her book.  She then decided to head into the fruit and vegetables market where she stocked up on carrots, parsnips, broccoli, swede, coriander, limes, tomatoes and a cucumber.  Lots of vegetables for the week.

The restaurants were busy as families were out celebrating Father's day.   Mum thought a lot about her own dad and how much she misses him.

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  1. Hug to your mom !
    My mom love fruit and vegetables too. She feels happy when she eats them I guess it's the same feeling as I eat my grass , fresh nips
    Have a lovely Sunday

  2. I've just got in from the supermarket....
    We've got a new Lidl's opened up, just
    outside of town on the bye~pass! It's a
    great supermarket..l love it..I used to
    shop at Tesco..not anymore, l had a bit
    of a set to recently with the
    local paper and all...HeHe!
    There were 84 people waiting to get into
    Lidle, and only 3 waiting to get into Tesco! :).
    I love it when a plan comes together...!

    Well Poppy!x I've just put my shopping away,
    time for milky coffee...and...and..goodness,
    so much to choose from...dough~nut l think,
    l can't sit outside to~day...It's pouring with
    rain...Oh! well...! :0).

  3. Poppy, dear, we're having an interlude of cool weather before temps bounce back into the 90s for the Labor Day holiday tomorrow. Your mum's basket of root vegs is inspiring me: nothing like a nice mixed root mash when the weather is wet and cold!

  4. That was very thoughtful of you to wake Mum nice and early, Poppy. Well, maybe not, but we understand that you were hungry. ;)

    Sending purrs and prayers of comfort to Mum as she is missing her dad.

  5. Mum always makes sure I have enuf crunchies to last me the night. She doesn't like to get woken up early!