Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Tail Tuesday

 Hello lovelies.   Thankfully the wind has wound down a bit, after two nights if little sleep for the mumster.  It still looks somewhat stormy grey outside, but it is warm.  Mum thinks I have spent the day inside while she worked, but I was rather happy to see her when she returned home.
She had an easy dinner.  She put some oven fries on, microwaved some frozen green vegetables and had a rotisserie chicken.   She said it was rather nice.   There is also another portion dished out for tomorrow nights dinner.  The leftover chicken will be shredded and ready for sandwiches for lunch for the rest of the week.  We hope you don't mind the dinner snaps, but our good friend Coral asked for some as a special request.

Me - well mum dished me out my feast and now I am in a feast coma on her bed.


  1. There's that tail again....!!! :).
    I don't mind the dinner snaps Poppy!x
    It's nearly eight over here, just off
    downstairs for breakfast..can't start
    the day without a fry up..! :).

  2. Where are you ? I can't see you Poppy! Oh ! I just caught a glimpse of you behind the chair. Bet you thought we wouldn't find you.
    Mum certainly makes very tasty looking dinners. Such a healthy variety too. It will be delious lunches for the next couple of days.
    Weather down here is miserable. Wind blowing the early blossoms away..

  3. Poppy, dear, I LIKE the dinner snaps. Your mum inspires me!

  4. I like seeing what your mum has for dinner. It not only undoubtedly tastes good and is good for her, but it looks attractive, too. Much better than my meals.

  5. Your mum is a good cook and her photos make me hungry (even though I am vegetarian.) All I manage to eat are easy salads as it is too hot to turn on the oven these days. Keep cozy and out of the storm, Poppy.

  6. Your mum's meal looks good, more veggies than my mum eats!