Monday, September 4, 2017


Mum is tired today.  She managed to get four hours sleep last night and had an early start at work today.  She is on call tonight so she retreated to her bed when she got home - such a Nana.   I was happening an early feast and mum had leftovers from the other night.

We feel like we are moaning every day - please forgive us.


  1. I say that sometimes...before midday...!
    Good moaning...!!! HeHe!

    Well...You always make me chuckle Poppy!x
    And, it's always nice to read, or see what
    Mum's having for dinner! Soon as see or read
    that, l'm off to see what's in the fridge!

  2. Moan away! Everyone needs to vent. I've been a grumpy middle-aged 'goat' since May for some reason. LOL.

    Hope the week is a good one, for you both, Poppy.

  3. I don't think you moan at all. Perhaps because that's going on a lot in our house too. Sounds normal. Nothing worse than tired!!!. I don't know how mum keeps going the hours she works. You be a sweet poppy and don't wake mum when she is sleeping.
    By the way...Whatch ya doin way down there? Scanning for mice or birds?

  4. Poppy, dear, this business of getting up, going out, and working to pay the bills is not a walk in the park. This is why Mum's followers appreciate the times she does walk in the park, makes the effort to prepare healthy meals, and shares pix of a pretty cat. We middle-aged working women do get cratchity when we miss our naps, so do try not to make so much noise when you stomp about on your little paddy-paws...

  5. Miss Poppy, tell you mom ' moaning ' is common. You should hear my mom does it.... blar blar blar
    my daddy turns the music on blasting ! Me, I suddenly nap..tee..heh
    Your mom's work is unbelievable hard. My mom has the great admiration for her. To deal with the timing, jobs, life and look after you =^x^=
    By the way, today mom took me to the VET, me met mini you ! she is soooo cute! she only 3 months old. She came to get the vaccines.
    I hope your mom has a good rest and have a good week!

  6. I'll say it again, call and shift work are hell. Ok when you're in your 20's or 30's but a killer beyond that.

  7. My human rarely gets enough sleep either - she moans about it, just not on the blog!

  8. But Poppy, your mum is working far too hard without enough rest between shifts. Humans do need a good night's rest to function well the next day. Maybe not sixteen hours but at least eight.

  9. My mum doesn't know how your mum does all this shift stuff. She needs a nice normal schedule.