Saturday, September 23, 2017


Mum had a good sleep last night after her busy day and in fact it might have been the best sleep this month.  Miss Belle and her didn't do much until going out for lunch.  Miss Belle was off to stay with a friend this afternoon so mum just went and swapped some books at the library and got some groceries and came home.

Tastiest for tea was easy for her and a quiet night in for us girls.  She gave her niece a door key in case she wants to sneak home early.

Hope your Caturday has been nice too.


  1. Oh, sleep...! Lovely for your mum, but we humans do need more than one good night's sleep a month!

    Saturday sounds lovely -- ours is just starting at 6:20 AM our time, and a heat warning in effect for our first weekend of fall. LOL.

  2. Lovely photo of you poppy. Reminds me of waves coming up to the shore. All those lovely furry layers. Thankgoodness mum had a good night. Let's cross our paws miss belle comes to stay more often. Do you like daylight saving?We do. You get to stay up later and catch all sorts of things who think you will be in bed asleep. What fun.

  3. Our Caturday is starting out just fine. A bit of brekkie, mum got her flu shot and home to get some reading done.

  4. I am glad your mum had a good night's sleep, Poppy. Saturday was lovely here today, but the rain is forecast to come back tomorrow.