Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Morning View

This was mums view when she woke up this morning.   I was asleep on the little chair.  I had been up earlier, as you can tell by the gap in the curtains I have made.  I like to check out my garden and watch the birdies.  Then I nap - all day.


  1. Ah! What a lovely furry monster at the
    end of the bed...! :).
    I hope all the birdies were o.k. Poppy!x
    Did they wave their little wings at you!

  2. What a nice place to nap. I bet mum wished she could have stayed with you. We have blossoms and daffodils out now along with pots of tulips and lots of other spring flowers. Lots of birdies here. A bit cool for butterflies yet,but they will come soon along with busy bees. We think you would like our garden poppy.

  3. Your mum has a cute morning view, Poppy, a furry blob. LOL.

    Enjoy your day of napping!

  4. Does that mean your mum was able to sleep in late this morning? Or is the sun up earlier because of impending spring?

  5. Sometimes I nap all day too! My human thinks I am lazy. I say I work hard and nap hard!

  6. I have to be on early AM bird watch too, but mum doesn't draw the shades down to make the room dark. She can sleep in the daylight!