Tuesday, September 5, 2017


 Just as mum had climbed into bed, relaxed and closed her eyes last night the call phone rang and mum had to get back up, put her clothes on andwent into work.  She returned a couple of hours later, slept for two and then she was back in.  So she could turn the phone off at 8am.  She wishes she could have stayed up and been productive, but alas sleep was calling.  I joined her and we napped a lot of the day away.
She did get up for the evening, and felt like some comfort food.  So it was a quick lemon chicken risotto and a carrot/swede/parsnip mash.  Tasty and enough leftovers for another 3 meals, all portioned off and ready for the next shifts.

So dishes are being done close to midnight and mum will attempt to sleep soon.


  1. Ah! Bless! Poor Mum...! But, she must get her
    sleep Poppy!x You must cuddle up, and help
    her...Have a lovely snooze together! :).

    And, the risotto, and mash look nice enough to
    eat...mmmmmM! And, l bet you enjoyed your feast
    to...Be good! Nite! Nite! You two...Sweet dreams! :).

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  3. Dear poppy I was so cross about mums work I wrote something that was fine in my day but not -PC these times. I just cringed at the thought of your sweet mum being so treated like that. It is not human. Do some people have no thought for another's well being.
    She was so kind to put up yummy photos. Both you and dinner look so beautiful. I am sending you heaps and heaps of hugs and kisses so you have plenty left over to give to mum.

  4. Enough already: tell them your mum needs some rest.

  5. Heck, mum got a good sleep but still felt all tired today. So while your mum wanted to stay awake, she needs her sleeps too.