Thursday, September 14, 2017


I am busy relaxing today - last night was hard.  Mum went back into work from 11pm- 1am, then 2am-4am.  She only slept from 6am-9am, then back to work for the afternoon.   Luckily kill she can sleep in tomorrow as she is on an afternoon shift and then Saturday and Sunday she is free.

Also it was rubbish night which is a big night out for indoor outdoor cats, as we all go out and sniffles the bags and patrol our areas.  So I is tired too.


  1. You are looking very alert poppy for someone who is tired. Tell mum she is a real hero. She must love her job very much to put up with those hours. I would be sleep walking at work if I was her. Make sure she has lots of rest in the morning and oh for the weekend.
    We had all,our hedges cut today. It was 19 degrees so perfect weather. Fun to see the cutter man walking along the tops. You would have had fun up there with him. All finished now and looking so nice.

  2. Mum certainly works some strange hours Poppy!x
    She must look forward to some extra hours of sleep!
    And, nice to have a weekend off to..! :).

    HaHa! And your tired to...rubbish night..we have
    those awful wheelie bins, one for rubbish, and
    one for recycling..they go out on alternate Fridays!
    And smelly brown food bins, that some people don't
    keep clean! Yuk! :(.

  3. Wow, you and your human are working some hard hours this week, Poppy!