Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Mum had a long busy day at work today.  She was on the early start and from the moment she put her bag down it was crazy and non stop.

When she finished though these things made her happy:

  • She didn't have to wait for a bus to go into town after work.   As soon as she arrived at the stop a bus turned up.
  • There was a good book waiting at the library ready to be picked up.
  • Her new favorite chocolate chip biscuits were on special at the supermarket.   A pack of 10 large cookies are $3, the price similar ones are sold for each at at the hospital cafes.
  • Dinner was quick and easy.  Spicy chicken and salad wraps.
  • A small chocolate mousse and strawberries for dessert (mum walked to work this morning and was on her feet all day).
  • Patting me and having a chat about my day when she got home.
  • A warm and cozy bed to sleep in tonight with a good book to read.


  1. Sounds wonderful. How often do you get such a perfect set up. Mind you it was well deserved. Good for mum !

  2. Whey~Hey! Three cheers for Mum...ALL those happy,
    happy things! And you look quite content and happy
    to Poppy!x
    Are you in the lime~light! Bless!x

  3. Those seemingly small things definitely are the things that bring Joy, Poppy. Along with you, of course!

  4. It's a rare but glorious day when everything goes right to reward you for a job well done.

  5. Poppy, dear, your mum is a wise woman who knows the benefits of counting her blessings rather than reciting a rosary of woes. (A chocolate mousse is like a mouse treat for ladies.)

  6. Agree with John. I hope you have three marvellous days off. Just take care of that knee. I had a very enjoyable few hours watching A woman of substance. Nice to relax to