Monday, September 18, 2017


With all the rain the back garden is looking pretty green and lush.  After downpours last night it only drizzled today, but the rain is due back tomorrow.  

Mum got her worst nights sleep last night in ages.  She did toss and turn until 3.30am which made the alarm call at 6am far too early.  She did get to finish her book though.   She went for a walk after work, and got groceries.   She fed me my feast and then made herself some meatballs and salad for dinner with a big salad.  She bought new seasons strawberries to snack on.

So mum had to avoid napping when she got home.  Wish her luck getting to sleep tonight - I don't need her watching me for hours again.


  1. You'll have to curl up to Mum Poppy!x
    And purr her get off to
    sleep! :).

    Sunshine and showers to~day, and much the
    same for the rest of the week! Especially,
    here down south! Still, sun shining at the
    mo..and a bit warmer to~day! Couple T~shirts
    out on the line drying!

    Ham and eggs to~day..someone gave me a dozen
    duck eggs, so, couple of those with cheddar
    cheese sprinkled over the top! Yum! :).

  2. Poor mum. Did she have something on her mind that kept niggling at her. That stopped you from getting up to tricks didn't it Poppy. That looks a very likely corner you are looking at. Plenty of birdies and little mice could hide out there. Sleep well both of you tonight. We have wind and rain here. Cosy to listen to when you are going to sleep.

  3. Poppy, your garden is wonderful, definitely spring lush. We had so much rain this spring and summer that ours remained green, which was lovely for us.

    We hope your mum sleeps well tonight. Our human is sleeping poorly right now, all of last week, better Friday and Saturday nights, not great last night. Maybe there's something in the air or something cosmic going on! :-)

  4. I see you are still a very beautiful girl, Poppy.

  5. I hate nights like that, Poppy. Good luck to your mum for tonight's sleeping.